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We believe that giving back helps create a positive domino effect on our society and environment. Each month we donate a percentage of the online sales to a charity of our choice. We choose a different organisation that contributes towards our three pillars of sustainability - Social, Economic & Environmental.


January - Rethink - Improving lives of people affected by mental illness
February - Blue Marine Foundation - Helping Protect Our Ocean
March - UAnimals - Protecting animals affected by recent unrest in Ukraine / Women For Women International
April - Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal
May - The Malala Fund
June - West Bengal Charity Foundation
July - Paws-aid Rescue
August - New Beginnings Animal Rescue
September - Rewilding Britain
October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Cancer Research UK


January - The Dolphin Project
February - Whale & Dolphin Conservation
March - Vaccine aid for Unicef - Supporting help UNICEF deliver over 2 Billion COVID-19 vaccines.
April - Mission Oxygen - Helping India in their Covid-19 crisis.
May - Medical Aid for Palestinians.
June - The Malala Fund - Helping the future female generation get the education they need.
July - Ocean conservation trust - Working towards a healthy ocean
August - SPCA International - Supporting Kabul Small Animal Rescue
September - Sadaqa Welfare Fund - Turkey Emergency Appeal
October - Mind - Supporting mental health
November - BBC Children in Need
December - British Red Cross - Afghanistan Crisis Appeal






To reduce the impact our business has on our planet and continue to help save our environment, for every online order we plant one tree with our partner's reforestation projects, around the world. Each month we choose a different planting region relative to our business. 


January - New Zealand
February - The Philippines
March - Mexico
April - Protect The Orca
May - Mangroves
June - Oregon
July - Guatemala
August - Denmark
September - Romania



January - Andes
February - Haiti
March - Plant trees for Chimpanzees
April - Ontario
May - Australia
June - Iceland
July - India
August - Ghana
September - Forest Fire Recovery
October - Orca Project
November - Indonesia
December - Amazon Rainforest