As a brand we are becoming even more environmentally conscious as our world changes around us and so does climate change.
We strive to create a product that is both ethical & sustainable.
We are Conscious Luxury. 
We believe in the 3 pillars of sustainability. Social, economic and environmental. 
Giving back 
Each month we choose a charity to donate a percentage of the sales made online by customers. 
January - RSPCA NSW - Australian Wildfires 
February - Wires Wildlife rescue - Australian Wildfires 
March - Women For Women International
April - The Ocean Cleanup 
May - FareShare - Fighting hunger, tackling food waste.
June - Runnymede Trust - Challenges race inequality 
July - Black Lives Matter - Supporting the movement to fight for freedom 
August - #FurFreeBritain - Four Paws - Calling on the UK Government to ban fur sales 
September - LA County Animal Care Foundation, reuniting animals with their owners during the wildfires and providing temporary care and housing. 
October - Black History Month - Black Lives Matter - Supporting the movement to fight for freedom 
November & December - Malaika - Access to education, water and healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
January - The Dolphin Project 
February - Whale & Dolphin Conservation 
March - Vaccine aid for Unicef - Supporting help UNICEF deliver over 2 Billion COVID-19 vaccines. 
April - Mission Oxygen - Helping India in their Covid-19 crisis.
May - Medical Aid for Palestinians.
Online Orders
In order to reduce the impact our business has on our planet and continue to help save our environment, for every online order we plant 1 tree with our partners reforestation projects, around the world. Each month we choose a different planting region relative to our business. 
January - Australia
February - Australia
March - India
April - Kenya 
May - Philippines 
June - Tanzania
July - Ethiopia
August - Orca Project
September - California 
October - Plant trees for Chimpanzees 
November - Malawi
December - Amazon Rainforest
January - Andes 
February - Haiti 
March - Plant trees for Chimpanzees