As a brand we are becoming even more environmentally conscious as our world changes around us and so does climate change.

We strive to create a product that is both ethical & sustainable.

We believe in the 3 pillars of sustainability : Social, Economic & Environmental. 

We are Conscious Luxury.

Giving back 
Each month we choose a charity to donate a percentage of the sales made online by customers. 
January - RSPCA NSW - Australian Wildfires 
February - Wires Wildlife rescue - Australian Wildfires 
March - Women For Women International
April - The Ocean Cleanup 
May - FareShare - Fighting hunger, tackling food waste.
June - Runnymede Trust - Challenges race inequality 
July - Black Lives Matter - Supporting the movement to fight for freedom 
August - #FurFreeBritain - Four Paws - Calling on the UK Government to ban fur sales 
September - LA County Animal Care Foundation, reuniting animals with their owners during the wildfires and providing temporary care and housing. 
October - Black History Month - Black Lives Matter - Supporting the movement to fight for freedom 
November & December - Malaika - Access to education, water and healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
January - The Dolphin Project 
February - Whale & Dolphin Conservation 
March - Vaccine aid for Unicef - Supporting help UNICEF deliver over 2 Billion COVID-19 vaccines. 
April - Mission Oxygen - Helping India in their Covid-19 crisis.
May - Medical Aid for Palestinians.
June - The Malala Fund - Helping the future female generation get the education they need.
July - Ocean conservation trust - Working towards a healthy ocean
August - SPCA International - Supporting Kabul Small Animal Rescue
September - Sadaqa Welfare Fund - Turkey Emergency Appeal 
October - Mind - Supporting mental health
November - BBC Children in Need
December - British Red Cross - Afghanistan Crisis Appeal 


January - Rethink - Improving lives of people affected by mental illness
February - Blue Marine Foundation - Helping Protect Our Ocean
March - UAnimals - Protecting animals affected by recent unrest in Ukraine / Women For Women International  
April - Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal
May - The Malala Fund
June - West Bengal Charity Foundation
July - Paws-aid Rescue
August - New Beginnings Animal Rescue
September - Rewilding Britain 




Online Orders
In order to reduce the impact our business has on our planet and continue to help save our environment, for every online order we plant 1 tree with our partners reforestation projects, around the world. Each month we choose a different planting region relative to our business. 
January - Australia
February - Australia
March - India
April - Kenya 
May - Philippines 
June - Tanzania
July - Ethiopia
August - Orca Project
September - California 
October - Plant trees for Chimpanzees 
November - Malawi
December - Amazon Rainforest
January - Andes 
February - Haiti 
March - Plant trees for Chimpanzees
April - Ontario
May - Australia
June - Iceland
July - India
August - Ghana
September - Forest Fire Recovery
October - Orca Project
November - Indonesia
December - Amazon Rainforest


January - New Zealand
February - The Philippines
March Mexico
April - Protect The Orca
May - Mangroves 
June - Oregon
July - Guatemala 
August - Denmark 
September - Romania