As a brand we are becoming even more environmentally conscious as our world changes around us and so does climate change.
We strive to create a product that is both ethical & sustainable.
We are Conscious Luxury. 
We believe in the 3 pillars of sustainability. Social, economic and environmental. 
Giving back 
Each month we choose a charity to donate 2% of the total sales made online by customers. 
January - RSPCA NSW - Australian Wildfires 
February - Wires Wildlife rescue - Australian Wildfires 
March - Women For Women International
April - The Ocean Cleanup 
May - FareShare - Fighting hunger, tackling food waste. 
June - Runnymede Trust - Challenges race inequality 
July - Black Lives Matter - Supporting the movement to fight for freedom 
August - #FurFreeBritain - Calling on the UK Government to ban fur sales 
Online Orders
In order to reduce the impact our business has on our planet and continue to help save our environment, for every online order we plant 1 tree with our partners reforestation projects, around the world. Each month we choose a different planting region relative to our business. 
January - Australia
February - Australia
March - India
April - Kenya 
May - Philippines 
June - Tanzania
July - Ethiopia
August - Orca Project
The unsustainable cost of free returns
Returns in the US alone create 5 billion pounds of landfill waste and 15 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to the amount of trash produced by 5 million people in a year. In the EU, total packaging waste in 2016 amounted to nearly 87 million tonnes or about 170 kg per person. We encourage you to shop consciously, 'buy less, choose well, made to last.' If you would like any order expertise on the fit and style of our pieces, please email us at 
All our packaging is fully recyclable and made from at least 90% recycled materials. Our mailer bags are made from natural materials and fully biodegradable. The protective bags that your swimwear is delivered in, is made from recycled materials, we encourage you to keep these for your swimwear. 
Our labels for 2021 are fully sustainable, made from seed paper that you can plant and watch grow. 
Swim Repair 
Where possible we offer a repair service for our swimwear. As a business we want to help prevent climate change and reduce our carbon emissions  Our pieces are made to last, we want to encourage customers to invest in luxury quality pieces, rather than disposable fashion. Should your swimwear need fixing after continuous wear, we will happily look into making repairs with our atelier in Italy.
Please email or fill in our online form
Swimwear Recycling
If the lifeline of your swimwear has come to an end, bring it into our London store or send it back to us, we will give you 30% off your next purchase. We will make sure that your unwanted pieces are recycled responsibly. We ensure that all waste is transformed into new products or Green energy.
This is not in conjunction with any other discount. 
Please email or fill in our online form 
We have a small atelier in Rimini, Italy, who have over 20 years experience producing swimwear, they are a family run business. Functionally as well as design is a strong belief within the brand and design team, we make swimwear that fits women of different ages, shapes and sizes. A lot of work goes into this by working closely with our Italian factory on how each piece is cut and fits the body. 
We can guarantee the safety & job security of those involved creating our garments and are proud of the relationship we have with the team.
Swimwear Fabrics
All swimwear fabric is produced in Europe by two suppliers, both are sustainable in their processes. A large portion of our swimwear is made from regenerated nylon, this special material (Econyl) can infinitely recycled. Econyl is the first circular, recyclable material. 
To find out more please look at the material compositions on each individual product page. Recycled yarns can be made up of waste such as discarded fishing nets and other plastics that enter our oceans. 
Made in Italy, our hardware is heat sensitive to the skin and will not tarnish when exposed to water. 
Ready to Wear Fabrics
Our clothing is made from 100% natural fibres, it is produced in small production runs, therefore cutting down on waste and minimising environmental impact. 

Prints are designed in house and each piece is created with love by artisans in India, using traditional techniques. Women from local villages are trained in local crafts and given the incentives to improve their lives by working.

We have no minimum order quantities for our silk or cotton clothing, meaning we are doing our part to reduce unused clothing and wasted fabrics. Digital printing technologies are by nature more sustainable than traditional methods, and they offer a way towards clean and efficient manufacturing.

Digital Textile Printing saved over 40 billion litres of water worldwide in 2018, offering an efficient solution when compared to traditional water usage of rotary screen printing, which uses 50-60 litres of water per meter. Digital Textile Printing also uses smaller quantities of color, typically 10% of the volume used when compared to screen printing. 

Today the Digital Printing Industry offers a clean future for the environment and as the consumer and buyer becomes more conscious of their environmental choices and the true impact that those choices make, digital technologies and their application will continue to move forward to replace unsustainable and inefficient manufacturing.

If you would like anymore information in order to learn more about our methods, how they are sustainable or environmentally conscious, please email