Orders can now be placed from Russia, but due to customs legislation we cannot offer a pre-paid duties and taxes service. Orders must solely be conducted for personal use only. They are free from customs charges if the order value is under €1000 within a one month period. If the order exceeds €1000, 30% duty will be charged on the amount over the threshold. Any payments must be made directly to customs only. 
If cleared by DHL, a DHL brokerage fee will be charged if the value of goods exceeds €200. If the customs value is less than €1000 a DHL brokerage fee will be approximately €15. If the customs value is more than €1000, brokerage fees are approximately €60. 
Importantly your own name on the shipping address should be exactly the same on the billing details. Once you place the order, your name become the consignee for the shipment. Our customer care team will notify you by email in advance that you will have to participate in the DHL Russian customs clearance, provide required paperwork including statement of bank account. This verifies the prices of items on your order. You will be contacted by customs on email or phone, so make sure your details are correct upon placing your order.
Your address must be in a DHL services area in Russia only.
Read our DHL’s Terms & Conditions for Russia in English or Russian